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The wedding band is a symbol of adoration through time, an image of dedication and a pure agreement between partners, a lifetime reminder of their love. Also, the most widely recognized utilization of rings today is the indication of commitment in engagements and weddings.


A wedding cannot be completed without a unique wedding ring. This addresses beauty & magnificence and the strength of a pure relationship. Hence, the wedding band is an image of the power of marriage. So your wedding ring collection must be beautiful and attractive. If you wish to buy a gorgeous wedding ring for both men and women, then we can help you with that. We here at Fashion Plaza can offer you the latest wedding rings for you and your partner. You will find different materials for a wedding ring with high-quality patterns and textures. Moreover, we can help you choose the perfect piece of the ring for the would-be couples. 


Wedding rings for Men.

The most mainstream metals for men's wedding rings are gold, platinum, palladium, silver , tungsten and  titanium. Each metal has its own qualities and shortcomings, so picking the ideal metal relies upon your man's character and lifestyle. We at Fashion Plaza can help you with custom design wedding rings for men. You will find a massive collection of custom-made wedding rings with unlimited styles and designs.  

Numerous best-quality wedding bands for men are made out of yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Moreover, gold is the defending champ of men's wedding ring metals. You can select any material as per your requirement and choice. 


Wedding rings for Women. 

While princess cut and round jewels stay the most demanding selections, pad and oval, just like other precious stones, are currently popular. Halo design rings are additionally getting more featured with little jewels that don't merely circle the primary stone yet transmit from each point. We at Fashion Plaza can offer you various latest designs such as side stones, halo, three stone, solitaire, engraved, etc. Along with that, these latest designs are available in different metals like yellow gold, platinum, white gold, rose gold, etc. We also provide various exciting offers to customers. 


Tungsten Wedding Rings.


Tungsten rings are much heavier than cobalt, hardened steel, and titanium rings. These are created with tungsten carbide - a compound that contains identical pieces of tungsten and carbon particles. It is incredibly tough and completely durable. There are a variety of tungsten rings present that you can choose according to your requirement. The rings also are entirely resistant to scratching and have a light colour shading which can be obscured with high-quality finishing.


We can provide you with the latest design of tungsten wedding rings at reliable prices. Interestingly, the demand for this particular wedding ring is at an all-time high in the market. 


Titanium Wedding Rings


Titanium wedding rings are more costly than hardened steel rings and more affordable than gold rings. Titanium will, in general, be considerably more moderate than platinum. Titanium is additionally a wise venture since it is long-lasting and keeps up its appearance for a lifetime. 


If you are looking for the latest titanium wedding ring design, then Fashion Plaza can offer you the required collections. Here, you can also find custom-made titanium wedding bands for both women and men. We can handcraft your ring by adding perfect materials and finishing. 


Steel Wedding Rings.


If you wish to gift a long-lasting and fashionable wedding ring to your partner, then steel wedding rings are the best selection. It is scratch-free, discolour-free, and highly durable. These steel rings are unimaginably solid, making them ideal as the never-ending option for wedding rings. They don't require high maintenance and are truly simple to clean. 

We at Fashion Plaza used to provide high-quality steel wedding rings at reliable prices. Interestingly, these steel rings are currently in trend, and their demand is never going to decline. 


Silver Wedding rings


Silver addresses virtue, serenity, and quietness. Therefore, this is a brilliant collection as a wedding ring. Also, silver gems are reasonable for regular wear. Silver is flexible in nature, and it can easily convert from bright white to oxidized dark, high clean to delicate glossy silk. These rings will look incredible in your wedding photographs. 


We at Fashion Plaza can offer you the latest selection of silver wedding rings for both men and women. You can find various patterns, textures, and designs of wedding rings with us. Moreover, all our wedding rings are entirely custom-made. Therefore, you can also get customized wedding rings with unique styles and shapes. 


Gold wedding rings


Yellow or white gold wedding rings are generally viewed as the traditional type of wedding band. These rings became well known due to their raw and useful style. They are still regularly worn, especially by individuals who lead dynamic ways of life. There are various types of golden wedding rings available to choose from as per your wedding outfit. 


We at Fashion Plaza offer pure gold wedding rings, which can help you create more memorable moments. You will find different shapes of a gold ring. Some of the latest white gold ring collection is Matte polished, Novo, Stella brilliant, etc. 


Rose Gold Wedding Rings


When it comes to choosing a different wedding ring, then rose gold wedding rings are the best collection. We at Fashion Plaza offer the latest patterns of rose gold rings. Moreover, if you wear this ring, then it can give you a unique appearance on your big day. 


Rose gold is turning into a more well-known metal for wedding bands because of its profound basic significance. Moreover, rings address unconditional love between two partners, and what more than a rose gold ring you need to flaunt your love. It supplements some gentle shades and attractive tones. You can also get custom-made wedding rings from us at reliable prices. 


Why buy from us?     


Fashion Plaza offers high-quality ornaments at the best prices. Along with that, you will find various latest designs, patterns, textures, and styles of jewellery. Whether you are looking for gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, diamond, silver, or titanium, you can easily find all-metal of the ornament with us. 


The main boundary while purchasing any jewellery is to check the virtue of the metal. Ornaments are easy to store, not affected by warmth and cold, dampness, fire, and other such conditions. Hence, jewellery is a good investment. Our experienced professionals can guide you to select the right colour, shape, and design of ornament. Here are some valuable reasons why you need to buy from us:


Bespoke wedding rings


We provide custom-made wedding rings to our customers. You can choose your design, style, and colour as per your wedding outfit. This is where our bespoke wedding ring can help you to meet your requirement. 


A bespoke ring's fundamental idea is that it will be made particularly for you and subsequently will be extraordinary. Contributing your own thoughts, regardless of whether it is a single style or amalgamation of various textures from different designs, we will make a unique ring specifically for you.


At the point when you see a customized ring, you can recollect the special moments that brought you and your life partner together. This is why the customized wedding ring is a perfect collection of ornament, creating an unforgettable moment. In this case, we can design the best piece of wedding ring for you and your partner. You can place your order at us for any style of a wedding ring. 

Reliable price and value for money


Once in a while, you need a truly unique piece, regardless of whether it is any special event or to use daily, in order to complement aptly with everything in your wardrobe. But jewellery must be affordable. Suppose you want to buy a ring, whether for a wedding or for daily use, the ring must be available at a reliable price. Then only people can easily and happily purchase the ornament. 


We at Fashion Plaza provide high-quality design at reliable prices. Along with that, you can also get amazing offers and discounts from us. Suppose you are repeatedly doing shopping from us then you can get various impressive offers. Our products are also made with suitable materials which can last long. You just need to select the right ornament piece along with shape, pattern, and colour. 


Offer the best price.


There are multiple jewellery materials present, and interestingly, we are offering the best prices for the different metals. Moreover, our jewellery collection can help you get the required design as well as metal. Here, you can also get the customized design of any ornament. 


Fine gems are any piece with valuable metals such as gold, platinum, diamond, silver, pearl, etc. Customized gemstones or design ornaments are made with different metals, plated metals (gold plated, silver plated, and so forth), and human-made gemstones. And you can purchase any material of jewellery at nominal prices. This is why the majority of people prefer to buy an ornament from us. 


Low prices


Like other retail stores, we do not have any operating costs. You can purchase the ornaments online at the best prices from us. This can help you choose the right metal of adornment for your wedding. You can buy any wedding ring material at reliable prices such as diamond, gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, silver, steel, etc. There are various fashionable wedding bands also available that you can buy for couples. Moreover, our collection can provide you with trending jewellery at low prices. 




  1. How much do wedding rings cost?


The wedding band range is different depending on various factors. If you buy a diamond ring from us, then our price range starts from $75 to $600 and higher. The expense of wedding bands relies upon the valuable metal, design of the ring, and the number of precious stones. Again, our prices are varying that depends on the finger size. Suppose you are looking for a platinum wedding ring, then the price range starts from $930 to $3540. Likewise, for gold, white gold, and yellow gold, the price ranges are different too. Moreover, you can get your required metal wedding ring at nominal charges. Also, we offer exciting offers for our customers. 


  1. How to wear wedding rings?


Here at Larsen, we are focused on making superior and long-lasting wedding bands that endure forever. You can also find the custom-made design of wedding rings for different outfits and wedding dresses. Regarding picking a metal for your wedding bands, we always suggest 18ct gold and platinum for their exceptional solidness, viability, and little maintenance.


Some wedding bands are made by infusing at least two gold tones, thereby complementing the configuration. Adding various styles together can make a special highlight or texture. You can wear this type of ring with a multicolour wedding dress. Suppose you want a traditional appearance, then you can opt for a gold or yellow gold ring. Also, we have all gold ring patterns with us that you can select as per your requirement and choice.


  1. Wedding rings are worn in which hand?


Before the wedding occasion, the engagement band must be worn on the right hand, and after the wedding band can be put on the left hand. They say the ring finger's vein is connected to the heart, so it is worn on the ring finger to be near to the heart. After the function, the wedding band is then positioned on top of the new wedding ring. But this can vary depending upon the tradition and culture. 


Generally, the ring finger of the left hand has consistently been the area for a wedding ring. And, the ring finger of the left hand implies love, loyalty, and simplicity.

In case you're not yet sure that which hand is suitable for wearing a wedding band, then our guide can help you with that. We can assist you in selecting a suitable piece of the ring for your wedding occasion. This can help you live a happy and peaceful life as well. 


  1. Why are wedding rings usually wear in the left hand?


Wedding bands are most usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. A few nations, including Germany, India, Russia, Spain, and Norway, customarily wear their wedding bands on their right hand. Overall, it appears to be that the social practices and standards, generally, set the norm for this custom.


Wearing the wedding band on the left hand is an ongoing practice. Wedding bands are fundamentally an image of your bond and love, and there's no such law that defines the correct hand for a wedding ring. So you can choose any hand for wearing the wedding ring. 


The left hand is situated nearest to the heart. Hence, many people prefer to wear a ring on their left hand. This is a sign of peace and prosperity. And it can build faith and love between two partners. 


  1. Should we buy cheap or expensive wedding rings?


It depends on the individual and his/her budget constraints. If you want an elegant wedding ring for daily use, then you much start looking for a less expensive ring to be used for the basic purpose and save the more costly alternative. We can help you select any metal of wedding rings, thereby ensuring you don't go over your budget.


With a bit of preparation and a precise understanding of your life partner, you can get the ideal set of wedding bands for your wedding. You can go through our online wedding ring collection to get the best piece and discover a precious stone. 

You will find a suitable selection of wedding rings from us. Also, these are always available with the latest design and patterns. Whether you are searching for any cheap or expensive collection, you can quickly get your required piece from us. 


  1. What to engrave on wedding rings?


Your wedding bands address your affection and obligation to your life partner. Adding an engraving allows you to customize the ring without any problem. In case you don't know what to imprint on a wedding ring, then discover a grouping of thoughts, both genuine and exciting.

You can opt for the ideal engraving options for your life partner-to-be. You have countless choices to engrave on or inside the wedding ring, like your partner's name, the date on which you met your partner, etc. We also offer customized services for a wedding ring, and this can allow you to engrave beautiful symbols or pictures in your wedding ring. 


Engraving adds an individual touch that creates an extraordinary effect. Also, engraving allows storing unforgettable moments of your marriage and relationship.


  1. Which order do you wear, engagement wedding or eternity rings?


Customarily if all rings were to be worn on a similar finger, they would be worn on the ring finger on the left hand with the wedding band going on first, then the engagement band, and afterwards, at long last, the eternity ring. But, this is not the same all time. Numerous individuals decide to wear the eternity ring on the relating finger of the right hand.


Where and how you put the engagement, wedding, and eternity rings is entirely your decision as there is no correct method to wear them. Sometimes it varies according to tradition and culture. If you are still feeling confused about this, then our guide can help you with that. This can help you select the right order for rings. 


Hence you additionally need to sort out what is the best option as per your style. Moreover, with the help of our experts, you can be happy and content with the fit and style of your lovely rings.




  1. How do I select a wedding ring design?


Try not to worry if you like platinum, and your wife/husband likes yellow gold. There's no standard that says you need to pick a similar metal or even style. You can ask our professionals to mix the two metals or simply by infusing both the metals to make a ring for you. The way to discovering something you both love is by picking wedding rings that compliment your styles.


You also require to set a budget so that you can easily purchase your wedding ring within your budget. You will wear this band each day, so the objective is to pick something perfect for your lifestyle. In this case, our collections help you choose the right one.


  1. Can you match a wedding ring for my engagement ring?


One typical style is to have your wedding ring match with the engagement band. And we provide that option to our customers. Numerous brides will have their wedding bands combined with a coordinating band. This way, you can guarantee that the precious stone sizes are perfect. This is an ideal alternative that numerous ladies pick.

You can wear two unique styles or two distinct shades of gold. Likewise, your life partner's wedding ring doesn't need to be the same as yours, even though it can.

You can do anything according to your requirement as there is no specific condition for this. We can also help you with that. 


  1. How long does it take to have the wedding ring made?


It typically requires around 3 to 4 weeks to finish wedding bands in spite of the fact that you might have the option to put in an urgent request. Here at Fashion Plaza, the orders are placed within a limited time. Nearly 1 to 2 days are required for a standard pattern of wedding bands. Moreover, we can also help you with urgent requirements. 


The ring resizing cycle can be finished within a couple of hours, or it can require half a day. However, it depends on the ring style, design, and size. 


  1. Where to buy wedding rings?


If you wish to purchase a unique style of wedding ring for you and your partner, then Fashion Plaza can be your best bet. Here, you will find a variety of rings at reliable prices for both women and men. Moreover, we also provide custom-made services for a wedding ring. This is why many people prefer to place their particular order with us. Moreover, we also deliver the order within a few weeks or even less than that. 


You can find rings of multiple metals with us, such as gold, diamond, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, titanium, steel, and more. Interestingly, you can get fantastic offers for your wedding rings from Fashion Plaza. Connect with us! 




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